JP Kelly

Lecturer in Television & Digital Media

Royal Holloway, University of London

Data Viz

On this page you'll find links to a number of data visualisations that I've made. They all focus on different aspects of the television industry and were made using Tableau. Note, these data visualisations are best viewed on a computer.

An Analysis of BBC iPlayer

This visualisation is based on a 2+ year dataset/analysis of the BBC iPlayer interface.

Exploring 60s British Cinema

An interactive data visualisation made using Tableau, exploring the use of black and white vs colour film for different genres of 1960s British Cinema. Built using an AHRC Press dataset.

Netflix: Viewing History

An analysis of my students' Netflix viewing history.

The Walking Data: An Analysis of Gender in The Walking Dead

This viz offers an interactive analysis of the balance of gender in AMC's The Walking Dead (seasons 1-6).

You can find other data visualisations on my Tableau Public Profile